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Welcome to Okoa Jabali 

"Oh-koh-uh" "Jaw-buh-lee" is Colorado Springs Most Eggcelent Egg Co-op


What We Do

Okoa Jabali LLC is a family-owned and operated egg business.  We are founded and owned by three generations of women of color, who are not only looking to do better for themselves: but future generations of their families, their communities; which also includes YOU and YOUR FAMILIES!

We aren't just selling eggs, but we are saving lives literally and figuratively.  With every egg share that you purchase additional egg shares will be delivered to seniors in your community.  Not only will the share be delivered to their doorsteps, but we will deliver to yours as well.  

We also have a commitment to social justice and portions of our profits will be donated to L.E.A.D. (Leaders Empowered Amazingly Determined) and L.E.A.D. Excellence Academy, two programs designed at helping youth.  The first program is a free pro-social/prevention program, and the second is a program to provide services needed to youth and young adults focusing on educational assistance because of connections to the juvenile justice system and also undocumented youth so they can achieve their goals and continue to dream.  

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